Can You Use Fabuloso on Carpet?

by Charlie
Can You Use Fabuloso on Carpet

Getting your carpets clean without the risk of marking them can be a tricky business, especially if you don’t know exactly what they are made of. There are lots of products out there, but you might not be sure which to try. Fabuloso is a popular cleaning option, but can you use it on carpets?

Can you use Fabuloso on carpet? Fabuloso should be safe to use on your carpets, yes. It is often used to treat stains on carpets and to pull dirt out of the fibers, and it also has a pleasant, sweet fragrance that many people enjoy. It’s an effective and safe way to clean carpets and leave them looking new again.

Is Fabuloso Safe to Use on Carpets?

Fabuloso is perfectly safe to use on carpets provided you follow the manufacturer’s directions. Although it is usually used for rough surfaces, it is suitable for use on fabrics, and many people use it to lift stains and dirt out of carpets. It isn’t ideal for deep cleaning, but it will work well for spot cleans.

If you’ve got a large mark on your carpet, Fabuloso might help to lift it out. Nothing is guaranteed to remove 100 percent of stains from every kind of carpet, but this product has a good chance of working. It’s not too expensive, either, so it’s worth trying if you’ve got a stubborn stain that won’t shift.

Will Fabuloso Stain my Carpet?

Fabuloso should not leave any marks on your carpet, but it is always wise to test on a small, inconspicuous part of the carpet first. All cleaning product manufacturers will recommend you do this test in case something reacts in an unexpected way and causes bleaching or staining.

Before applying Fabuloso to a stain, you should therefore choose an inconspicuous spot and pour a small amount of the cleaner on. Work it into the fibers using a clean, lint-free cloth, and then allow it to sit for a few minutes.

Next, wipe the Fabuloso away using water, and leave the area to dry. Check whether it has stained. If it has stained, there is a high chance that it will stain other parts of your carpet, and this means you shouldn’t use it anywhere else. This doesn’t often happen, but it’s worth testing before you put the Fabuloso on a more conspicuous part of your carpet.

One of the advantages of using Fabuloso is that it’s very easy to apply. We’re going to cover the full method later, but bear this in mind when weighing up your cleaning options.

How Do You Use Fabuloso on Carpet?

To apply Fabuloso to a stain on your carpet, you should first vacuum that spot to remove all loose dirt. Once the area is clean, take your bottle of Fabuloso and pour a small amount of it onto the stain, making sure you cover the whole stain. Take a clean cloth and knead the Fabuloso into the carpet’s fibers gently for a few minutes.

Do not rub or scrub, and don’t use a rough cloth. There is a high risk that you will ruin your carpet’s pile if you rub the fibers too hard, and this will create a lasting mark, even if the stain has disappeared. Instead, gently work the cloth into and around the fibers, gradually cleaning them up.

Check whether the stain has disappeared. If it hasn’t, add some more Fabuloso (again, a small quantity) and keep gently working at it for a few more minutes, checking to see whether it has shifted.

Once the stain has come out, you need to fill a plastic spray bottle with water. Spritz the affected area of carpet all over, and then get a clean, dry cloth and start blotting up the water. The water will pull the Fabuloso out of the carpet, leaving it clean and fresh.

Don’t leave the Fabuloso on the carpet, but keep spraying and blotting until the area looks fresh again. Once you have finished, put down another dry cloth and gently blot any remaining water out of the fibers. Check it the following day, when it is dry, and see if you have successfully removed the stain.

Can You Deep Clean a Carpet with Fabuloso?

The manufacturers of Fabuloso state that it is not suitable for deep cleaning carpets, and they do not recommend that you use it for this. The cleaner contains some harsh chemicals that could damage the fibers if they are used in concentration, and this might cause a lasting and visible effect.

Remember that Fabuloso was formulated for use on hard floors and textured surfaces, not for use on carpets. It should be fine to use it to spot clean a particularly dirty area, but you should not apply Fabuloso to your entire carpet, and you should not use it for deep cleaning.

Does Fabuloso Make Carpets Smell Good?

If you are someone who really appreciates the clean scent when you’ve finished scrubbing an area down, using Fabuloso on your carpets is definitely a good idea. This carpet cleaner is perfect for creating a fresh, “just cleaned” odor in your living room or hallway.

What Color Fabuloso Should You Use for Carpets?

Fabuloso comes in a range of colors, including red, green, yellow, and violet. However, it doesn’t matter which of these you apply to your carpet, as none of the ingredients that create the color should cause a stain. They are designed to be used on flooring without marking it.

That said, it is always sensible to check that a product doesn’t stain your carpet by testing it on a small area first. If you find it does leave a mark, don’t apply it to the main stain, or you may make it worse.

Final Thoughts

Fabuloso should work well for removing stains from your carpet and for light cleaning. Bear in mind, however, that the manufacturer does not recommend using Fabuloso for deep cleaning carpets, as there is a risk that it could damage the fibers. If your carpets require deep cleaning, choose a substance specifically formulated for this task.

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